Building ESOPs. Securing Legacies.

What if you could capitalize on the wealth you’ve created, ensure the future of your family and employees, and maintain leadership of the business you’ve worked hard to build? It’s possible with an ESOP.

The ESOP Specialists


Since 2000, CSG Partners has helped middle-market business owners realize the unique benefits of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).  Entrepreneurs and shareholders of family businesses who seek liquidity, diversification, and tax relief — but still want to play a leading role in their companies — turn to our nationally-recognized team of advisors.  We’ve guided hundreds of clients through the ESOP formation process, from analysis, through capital raising, to closing.

What is an ESOP?


Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) enable owners of privately-held businesses to partially or completely sell their companies and still maintain managerial autonomy and upside potential. Owners receive fair market value for their ownership stake and can realize significant personal and corporate tax advantages.  Employees gain a valued retirement benefit (company stock).  This is not a stock option plan.  Instead, it’s an ERISA-authorized, defined contribution plan that invests in employer securities.


Who’s the buyer?

A trust representing at least 10 employees.


Who sets the price?

The business owner(s) and an institutional trustee negotiate the price, based on independent valuations.


How is it funded?

Commercial and/or seller financing, paid-off with pre-tax corporate cashflow.


Who gets shares?

Full-time employees are allocated shares proportional to their annual compensation.


How is stock earned?

A portion of all shares is allocated annually; the shares vest within 3-6 years.


How do employees cash out?

Vested stock is sold back to the company, at a current valuation, when employees depart or retire.

Who can Benefit from an ESOP?



  • Paid fair market value for their business
  • Can defer capital gains taxes on proceeds
  • Maintain upside potential & leadership in company


  • Receive tax deductions on sale amount
  • Can become income tax-free entities
  • Get a tool to retain & attract talent


  • Secure a unique retirement benefit
  • Earn a real stake in their companies
  • Gain workplace stability & peace of mind 

Could an ESOP be Right for you?


If you’ve thought about selling your business, or if you've considered other opportunities to take money off the table and still secure your legacy, a leveraged ESOP may be an attractive option.  Answer a few simple questions to see if it’s worth exploring an ESOP plan for your business.