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Discover how employee stock ownership plans can help companies maintain independence, build stronger teams, and enhance cash flow – while facilitating tax-advantaged liquidity events.

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Since 2000, middle-market companies nationwide have turned to CSG Partners as their leveraged ESOP advisor. Custom strategies – driven by detailed analytics and comprehensive financing solutions – have helped private and family-owned firms navigate business transitions, unlock wealth, and create broad-based prosperity.

In addition to closing hundreds of transactions, we've focused our efforts on education. That's why top business advisors and major media ask CSG their most pressing ESOP questions

Our multidisciplinary team takes pride in demystifying complex concepts and making employee ownership accessible to all. It's one of the many ways we've earned our reputation as the nation's leading ESOP investment bank.

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In the past decade alone, CSG has received over 40 awards from leading organizations, including The M&A Advisor and The M&A Atlas Awards. We don't chase trophies, but we're grateful for the kind recognition of peers and clients.

Why do we consistently earn national honors? Experience, attention to detail, and an advisory team that never settles for off-the-shelf solutions.

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From employee ownership trends to new tools for companies and advisors, our experts are committed to demystifying ESOPs. Read ahead for their unique insights.

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