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Discover how employee stock ownership plans can help companies maintain independence, build stronger teams, and enhance cash flow – while creating tax-advantaged liquidity events.


Employee Ownership:  An M&A Alternative

America's closely-held business create prosperity and bolster communities. But even the most enduring companies eventually reach an M&A crossroads.

Private and family-owned firms often have a range of options. While sales and private equity deals create liquidity, these transactions can eliminate jobs, diminish legacies, and yield hefty tax burdens.

What if you could monetize your equity, and maintain a meaningful role with your company, while securing the future of your business and its employees?

It's possible with an employee stock ownership plan.

The Unique Benefits of ESOPs

Positive Financial Trend


Shareholders can defer or eliminate capital gains taxes on their sale proceeds, while their companies gain meaningful tax deductions and can become income tax-free entities, in perpetuityESOP TAX BENEFITS IN-DEPTH



Partial ESOP sales are common, as are follow-up transactions. That allows shareholders to de-risk with potential upside and enables companies to engage in future ESOP or M&A transactions.HOW ESOPs UNLOCK NET WORTH



Full-time staff earn stock over time, giving them skin in the game and stability. Research has shown that employee-owned companies outperform their non-ESOP peers.WHY EMPLOYEE OWNERSHIP MATTERS

ESOP Resources from our Advisors


Since 2000, our ESOP investment banking experts have guided hundreds of clients nationwide through the building and financing of employee stock ownership plans. Employee-owned companies also trust CSG with secondary sales, plan maintenance, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Employee Ownership 101

We get it. Time is tight. But if you were considering a business liquidity event, wouldn't you want to know all your options?

For a quick study on the basics and benefits of a leveraged ESOP, download our concise guide.

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