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February 21, 2022 CSG Partners Staff

A pair of leading wealth management and HR publications recently turned to our advisors for ESOP insights and commentary. Read ahead for their thoughts on the "Great Resignation," succession planning, and more.


HR.com Features Lawrence Kaplan

ESOPs: A Critical Employee Retention Tool

The "Great Resignation" has put human resources executives and other business leaders in a real bind. Burn-out is rampant in many industries and hybrid workplaces have encouraged staff mobility. Wage increases often aren’t enough to drive retention or attract new talent – especially in an age where work-life balance and a sense of belonging are paramount. As a result, HR professionals are looking for creative ways to stand out in the job marketplace.

An overlooked retirement tool – the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) – may represent an elegant solution for closely-held companies.

Kaplan's full article is available on HR.com.


WealthManagement.com Features George Thacker

An ESOP Can Be Critical to a Family Business Succession Plan

For selling shareholders, perhaps the biggest advantage is the ability to create liquidity and diversification of wealth from the business—which typically is their largest asset. Additionally, if certain requirements are met, selling shareholders can defer and potentially eliminate capital gains taxes on the sale by reinvesting the proceeds into certain qualified securities. This is known as a 1042 rollover.

Thacker's full article on is available on WealthManagement.com.


Wine Industry Advisor Quotes Patrick Fallon

Selling a Wine Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

"There are generic issues that aren’t specific to wine, and it doesn’t matter if you started the business from scratch or inherited it; and it doesn’t matter if you’re walking the vineyards or manufacturing widgets."

Successful Succession Planning for Family-Owned Wine Businesses

"Is the next generation of the family capable of running the business? You have an asset that’s going to lose value and liquidity unless they have the skills, desire, and interest to run the business."

The complete articles, with Fallon's quotes, can be found on Wine Industry Advisor's site.

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