ESOPs as Private Equity Alternatives

Private Equity Podscast Kaplan

August 27, 2021 CSG Partners Staff

Employee stock ownership plans often draw comparisons to private equity deals. It's been said that a leveraged ESOP is effectively a leveraged buyout of your own company.


ESOPs vs. Private Equity Transactions

When the Private Equity Profits podcast sought a professional assessment of employee ownership as a private equity alternative, they turned to CSG's Founder and Managing Partner, Larry Kaplan. His concise interview with PEP's Cliff Locks, Kaplan offers a unique look at ESOP financing, tax benefits, and transaction analysis.

Although the conversation yields a number of technical insights on plan modeling and development, Kaplan also shares personal stories on how employee ownership can positively alter the lives of shareholders and their communities. The video podcast is rounded-out with discussions on CSG's origin story, its ESOP-oriented advisory services, and guiding philosophies.

In all, it's an informative, 15-minute dialogue for business owners and advisors either exploring liquidity options or explicitly searching for private equity alternatives.

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