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Webinar:  Succession Planning and ESOPs

By CSG Partners Staff

With post-pandemic planning on the minds of many family businesses, there's been a renewed focus on the formalization of succession and exit strategies.

Webinar:  ESOP Questions and Misconceptions

By CSG Partners Staff

There's a lot of confusion about employee stock ownership plans. Questions about structure, valuation, financing, governance, and exit planning are commonplace among owners and advisors. CSG's Lawrence Kaplan helped dispel a number of misconceptions in a recent, wide-ranging Q&A.

Webinar:  Understanding ESOPs

By CSG Partners Staff

Our ESOP advisors are often asked for a comprehensive guide to employee stock ownership plans. Many business owners have heard about ESOPs, but most haven't taken a deep-dive on employee ownership.

Webinar:  Business Ownership and Diversification

By CSG Partners Staff

Lawrence Kaplan - CSG's founder and managing partner - explored the merits of employee stock ownership plan transactions as diversification strategies in a recent Vistage Networks webinar.

Webinar:  Balancing Legacy and Liquidity

By CSG Partners Staff

CSG's Lawrence Kaplan discussed the current challenges facing family-owned business, as well as their liquidity and continuity options, in a recent Vistage Networks webinar.

Webinar:  Medical Practices and M&A

By CSG Partners Staff

MSOs, ESOPs, private equity transactions, and industry economics are reshaping physicians' approaches to growth and liquidity.

Webinar:  Timing is Everything

By CSG Partners Staff

Nathan Perkins is joined by construction industry insider Gary Bartecki for a closer look at market, financing, and M&A trends in this timely webinar.

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