By CSG Partners Staff

Podcast:  Demystifying ESOPs

CSG's Richard Harmon sat down with DealRoom's Kison Patel to clear up some common misconceptions about employee stock ownership plans. In addition to sharing some employee ownership basics, Harmon recounted some of his experiences as an award-winning ESOP advisor.

Patel's M&A Science podcast is ongoing exploration of the investment banking world, featuring leading voices in the industry. This episode was series' first overview of ESOPs and employee-owned companies. In addition to explaining how ESOPs represent a tax-advantaged, shareholder liquidity alternative, Harmon provided a brief history of employee ownership and Louis Kelso's pioneering work.


The Podcast Addresses Key Employee Ownership Concepts

  • What is an ESOP?

  • Who sets the price in an ESOP transaction?

  • How is the transaction funded?

  • How do employees receive and redeem their shares?

  • Why Firms Consider ESOPs

  • Key ESOP Plan Benefits

  • Setting up an Employee Stock Ownership Plan

  • ESOPs and Corporate Structures

  • Demystifying Common Employee Ownership Misconceptions

  • The Broader Benefits of Employee Owned Businesses