Podcast:  Demystifying ESOPs

By CSG Staff

Richard Harmon sat down with DealRoom's Kison Patel to clear up some common misconceptions about employee stock ownership plans. In addition to sharing some ESOP basics, Richard recounts some of his experiences as an award-winning ESOP advisor.

Discussion topics include:

  • What is an ESOP?
  • Who sets the price in an ESOP transaction?
  • How is the transaction funded?
  • How do employees receive and redeem their shares?
  • Louis Kelso and the history of ESOPs.
  • Why firms consider ESOPs & the key benefits.
  • The process of setting up an ESOP.
  • How corporate structure impact an ESOP transaction?
  • The broader benefits of having an employee owned company.

The podcast is part of the M&A Science series, an ongoing exploration of the M&A world, featuring top minds in the industry.