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Podcast: Material Handlers turn to ESOPs for Stability

By CSG Partners Staff

On the heels of his recent cover story in Material Handling Wholesaler, CSG's Nathan Perkins joined the magazine's companion podcast for a discussion on ESOPs and broader M&A trends.

1042 Rollovers – More Meaningful than Ever

By Eitan Milstein

Proposed tax code changes continue to dominate headlines. While talk of corporate, personal, and capital gains hikes echo throughout Capitol Hill, there’s been no legislative movement. This climate creates a fog for business owners considering a liquidity event.

CSG Wins ESOP Advisor of the Year

By CSG Partners Staff

The ESOP investment banking professionals at CSG Partners recently closed out the 2020 awards season with a series of major industry honors. Despite an unpredictable year, CSG’s advisors built upon their industry-leading reputation as employee stock ownership plan experts.

High Payrolls, Accelerated ESOP Tax Benefits

By Steve Berman

High payroll companies – such as staffing and professional services firms – are uniquely positioned to maximize the advantages of an employee stock ownership plan. 

Choosing the Right M&A Option

By Nathan Perkins

As we enter the later stages of the Coronavirus pandemic, companies are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Typically, after economic adversity, there is significant pent-up demand for liquidity events.

Webinar:  Succession Planning and ESOPs

By CSG Partners Staff

With post-pandemic planning on the minds of many family businesses, there's been a renewed focus on the formalization of succession and exit strategies.

Biden and ESOPs – What to Expect

By Richard Harmon

In late January, President Joe Biden named economist Jared Bernstein to the White House Council of Economic Advisors. Only days earlier, Bernstein published a major study on employee stock ownership plan adoption.

CSG Partners at 20

By CSG Partners Staff

In the late 1990’s, Lawrence Kaplan was working on the sale of an established garment manufacturer. Facing a looming tax burden and buyers that didn’t appreciate his client’s value, the accounting consultant couldn’t make financial sense of an outright sale.

The GovCon M&A Dilemma

By Alex Mumblat

Despite the challenging economic climate, many government contractors have maintained solid financial performance throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. But exposure to a host of uncontrollable risks means that continued growth is far from certain.

Webinar:  ESOP Questions and Misconceptions

By CSG Partners Staff

There's a lot of confusion about employee stock ownership plans. Questions about structure, valuation, financing, governance, and exit planning are commonplace among owners and advisors. CSG's Lawrence Kaplan helped dispel a number of misconceptions in a recent, wide-ranging Q&A.

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