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Webinar:  Business Ownership & Wealth Diversification

By CSG Staff

Lawrence Kaplan - CSG's founder and managing partner - explored the merits of employee stock ownership plan transactions as diversification strategies in a recent Vistage Networks webinar.

NCEO 100 Highlights Multiple CSG Clients

By CSG Staff

Each year, the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) recognizes the US’s largest ESOPs companies. The newly released 2020 Employee Ownership 100 features multiple CSG Partners clients, including NCEO’s #2 ESOP in the country.

Biden's Tax Plan in the Time of Coronavirus

By Eitan Milstein

November’s electoral outcome is far from certain, but a change in the White House – combined with ongoing fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic – may have a profound effect on the M&A landscape.

Webinar:  Balancing Legacy & Liquidity

By CSG Staff

CSG's Lawrence Kaplan discussed the current challenges facing family-owned business, as well as their liquidity and continuity options, in a recent Vistage Networks webinar.

Patrick Trask Joins CSG

By CSG Staff

After 30 years of financial services leadership at top national and regional institutions, Patrick Trask has joined the CSG Partners team as a managing director.

ESOPs & Economic Freedom

By Lawrence Kaplan

Market-oriented solutions have long been a catalyst for social change. Wealth creation can bridge socioeconomic gaps and amplify diverse voices. At a time of increasing inequality, employee stock ownership plans deserve a closer look. 

Addressing Concentration Risk

By Jeffrey Kaplan

Financial advisors have a dynamic and demanding set of responsibilities, made only more difficult during times of uncertainty.  When their client is a business owner, these challenges are amplified even further – the result of communication complexities and portfolio concentration.

M&A, Taxes & the Debt Reckoning

By Eitan Milstein

Congress and the Federal Reserve have already pumped trillions of dollars into the economy to limit the Coronavirus’s economic damage. Additional stimulus is likely. However, once the immediate crisis has passed, elected officials will have to face the music. Their response could significantly alter how private businesses are valued, and how the owners of those companies asses their M&A ...

165(i) & Disaster-Related Deductions

By CSG Staff

With so many ESOP-owned companies in the food and hospitality industries, we wanted to highlight a federal tax provision that’s taken-on out-sized importance in 2020. 

From Failed M&A to ESOP

By Eitan Milstein

More than half of all proposed M&A transactions either fail to close or are consummated on terms that are substantially different than the original LOI.