Demystifying ESOPs

Using a lens to magnify and focus

January 10, 2020 CSG Partners Staff

Despite decades of use as shareholder liquidity and retirement benefit tools, employee stock ownership plans remain a mystery to many. While ESOPs offer closely-held companies a range of incentives and strategic advantages, confusion often clouds consideration of these plans.


Unraveling Common ESOP Misconceptions

CSG's Richard Harmon recently joined Dealroom's M&A Science podcast to clarify some central employee ownership concepts. In addition to sharing ESOP basics, he explained potential benefits, provided historical background, and described Louis Kelso's role as the father of the modern employee stock ownership plan.

During his extensive conversation with Kison Patel, Harmon also recounted his own experiences as an award-winning ESOP advisor.

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Key Topics Covered in the "Demystifying ESOPs" Podcast

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