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Eitan Milstein

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Biden's Tax Plan in the Time of Coronavirus

By Eitan Milstein

Please Note:  this article was published prior to the completion of the 2020 US Election Cycle. November’s electoral outcome is far from certain, but a change in the White House – combined with ongoing fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic – may have a profound effect on the M&A landscape.

M&A, Taxes & the Debt Reckoning

By Eitan Milstein

Congress and the Federal Reserve have already pumped trillions of dollars into the economy to limit the Coronavirus’s economic damage. Additional stimulus is likely. However, once the immediate crisis has passed, elected officials will have to face the music.

From Failed M&A to ESOP

By Eitan Milstein

More than half of all proposed M&A transactions either fail to close or are consummated on terms that are substantially different than the original LOI.