Balancing Legacy and Liquidity (Webinar)

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July 23, 2020 CSG Partners Staff

CSG's Lawrence Kaplan discussed the current challenges facing family-owned business, as well as their liquidity and continuity options, in a recent Vistage Networks webinar.

As multi-generational companies grapple with the Coronavirus pandemic, the need for robust succession planning has become even more essential. This often requires a careful balancing act between legacy concerns and shareholder liquidity goals. Kaplan explores multiple transition options, with a focus on employee stock ownership plans.


This 20-minute presentation covers the following topics:

  • The Unique Challenges of Family-Owned Businesses

  • Weathering the Coronavirus Crisis

  • Generational Equity Transfer Options (including gifting and equity sales)

  • A Working Definition of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan

  • Key ESOP Benefits

  • Employee Ownership and Estate Planning


Our friends at Vistage have graciously made this content available to all.


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Webinar Balancing Liquidity and Legacy Goals-Abridged (Vistage July20)

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