Business Ownership and Diversification (Webinar)

Many Matches, One is Burnt Out

August 24, 2020 CSG Partners Staff

Lawrence Kaplan - CSG's founder and managing partner - explored the merits of employee stock ownership plan transactions as diversification strategies in a recent Vistage Networks webinar.

For many business owners, the Coronavirus pandemic has been a stark reminder of how personal and corporate financial performance can be deeply intertwined. On average, owners of privately-held businesses have the majority of their net worth tied up in their companies. In down markets, this type of portfolio concentration can be catastrophic, especially for cyclical businesses. 

In this webinar, Kaplan illustrates the portfolio risks faced by many middle market owners and reviews a number of diversification options including ESOPs.

Topics Covered:

  • Business Owners' Distinct Financial & Personal Needs

  • Leveraged Dividends

  • Third-Party Sales

  • Private Equity Transactions

  • What is an ESOP?

  • Key ESOP Benefits

  • 1042 Rollovers & Qualified Replacement Properties (QRPs)

  • ESOP Case Study


Our friends at Vistage have graciously made this content available to all.  For additional information, please contact us using the chat function or via email.


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