Medical Practices and M&A (Webinar)

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November 15, 2019 CSG Partners Staff

MSOs, ESOPs, private equity transactions, and industry economics are reshaping physicians' approaches to practice growth and shareholder liquidity.

With M&A activity intensifying across the medical industry, and uncertainty mounting over reimbursement and regulation, physicians are finding themselves awash in transaction offers and complicated decisions. Lawrence Kaplan (CSG's Founder & Managing Partner) and Henry Bloom (Founder & President of The Bloom Organization) help demystify the changing M&A options available to medical practices in this video discussion.


Key medical M&A and employee ownership concepts are covered in this 15-minute interview.

Topics include:

  • Common Transaction Options
  • Management Services Organizations (MSOs)
  • Private Equity:  Pros & Cons
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans:  Pros & Cons
  • Medical Practice Roll-ups

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