Webinar:  Medical Practices and M&A

November 15, 2019 CSG Partners Staff

Close-up image of doctors hand pointing at x-ray results

MSOs, ESOPs, private equity transactions, and industry economics are reshaping physicians' approaches to growth and liquidity.

With M&A activity intensifying across the medical industry and uncertainty mounting over reimbursement and regulation, physicians are finding themselves awash in transaction offers and complicated decisions. This video discussion aims to help demystify the M&A options available to medical practices in this changing landscape.


The 15-minute presentation covers key medical M&A concepts:

  • Transaction Option Overview

  • Management Services Organizations (MSOs)

  • Private Equity - Pros & Cons

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans - Pros & Cons

  • Medical Practice Rollups



Lawrence Kaplan - Founder & Managing Director, CSG Partners

Henry Bloom - Founder & President, The Bloom Organization


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MSOs & ESOPs (compressed)

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