How We Work

We Ask. We Listen. We Inform.


We are focused on a company's goals. While shareholder liquidity and tax efficiencies are part of the equation, the stakeholders in an ESOP are just as concerned about employee welfare and the legacy of the business. Our mission is to synthesize a company’s needs and craft a transaction that meets its vision for the future.

We educate our clients.


We want clients to make informed decisions, and we strive to help them become knowledgeable on all aspects of the ESOP process.

We inquire and collaborate.


We conduct extensive due diligence, and collaborate with our clients’ trusted advisors, to understand and value each unique business.

We analyze business data to build an optimal ESOP.


To build optimal ESOPs, we consider various factors including valuation, corporate structure, and capital needs.

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We craft bespoke ESOP transactions that address the needs and goals of all stakeholders.

We bring transaction to market and manage the capital raise.


We have the network, and the experience, to identify and tailor financing options.

We're focused on closing transactions.


Our detailed execution and grounded approach drive desired results.

Additional ESOP Services


Mergers & Acquisitions

When existing ESOP companies seek M&A strategies for liquidity, asset monetization, or growth, they turn to CSG and our affiliated broker-dealer, Synergy Capital I.

Capital Advisory

ESOP companies seeking to fund acquisitions, support operations, or restructure debt count on CSG to help secure bank financing, tranche B debt, and mezzanine debt from our network of investors and lenders.

The Industries We've Served


Employee stock ownership plans are industry agnostic.  As a result, we've completed leveraged ESOP transactions for a wide range of businesses.

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Apparel & Consumer Goods

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Business Process Outsourcing

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Construction & Engineering

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Dining & Hospitality

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Financial Services

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Government Contractors

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Healthcare & Wellness

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Manufacturing & Industrial Materials

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Marketing & Communications

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Recruiting & Staffing

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Technology & Software

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Transportation & Trucking

Could an ESOP be Right for You?


If you’ve thought about selling your business, or if you are seeking other opportunities to take some money off the table, a leveraged ESOP may be an attractive option.  Answer a few simple questions to see if it’s worth exploring an ESOP plan for your business.