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By CSG Staff

Starting in 2021, businesses with newly established employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) will have until the extended corporate return due date (September 15, 2021) to make tax-deductible, 2020 contributions.

Webinar Series:  CSG Office Hours

By CSG Staff

Our team constantly fields thoughtful questions from business owners and their advisors. A lot of those queries are so useful and so universal, we often wish we could have a bigger audience for the answers.

Podcast:  Demystifying ESOPs

By CSG Staff

Richard Harmon sat down with DealRoom's Kison Patel to clear up some common misconceptions about employee stock ownership plans.

CSG at the Building Business Value Workshop

By CSG Staff

Lawrence Kaplan, CSG's Founder and Managing Director, will share his extensive knowledge of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) at Vistage's premier business education event in the tri-state area.

Webinar:  Understanding ESOPs

By CSG Staff

CSG's founder, Lawrence Kaplan, recently joined the Vistage Networks webinar series for a useful overview of Employee Stock Ownership Plans.

How to Prepare for a Transaction

By Richard Harmon

“Always be ready to sell.” It’s a timeless business adage. Transactions require a mix of vision, timing, and most importantly, preparedness.

Video:  Medical Practices & the Changing M&A Landscape

By CSG Staff

MSOs, ESOPs, Private Equity, and industry economics are reshaping physicians' approaches to growth and liquidity.

CLE Course:  ESOPs & the Law

By CSG Staff

Learn the legal concepts and strategy behind Employee Stock Ownership Plans, earn pre-approved CLE credits, and save $89 on this free course.

Webinar:  Timing is Everything

By CSG Staff

Join us for a closer look at market, financing, and M&A trends facing the construction industry.