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M&A, Taxes & the Debt Reckoning

By Eitan Milstein

Congress and the Federal Reserve have already pumped trillions of dollars into the economy to limit the Coronavirus’s economic damage. Additional stimulus is likely. However, once the immediate crisis has passed, elected officials will have to face the music.

165(i) & Disaster-Related Deductions

By CSG Staff

With so many ESOP-owned companies in the food and hospitality industries, we wanted to highlight a federal tax provision that’s taken-on out-sized importance in 2020. 

From Failed M&A to ESOP

By Eitan Milstein

More than half of all proposed M&A transactions either fail to close or are consummated on terms that are substantially different than the original LOI.

IRS Extends 2020 ESOP Deadlines

By CSG Staff

Since passage of the CARES and SECURE Acts, we’ve seen several deadline and policy shifts in relation to employee stock ownership plans. On April 9, 2020, the IRS further redefined this year’s ESOP management calendar.

ESOP Tune-Ups

By Alex Mumblat

Moments of adversity offer business owners an opportunity to step back and evaluate their operations and strategies.

Get Ready for the Restart

By Nathan Perkins

The Coronavirus epidemic has brought an abrupt and unexpected change to the operating environment.  Even if your company wasn’t impacted financially, the human toll on your staff, customers, and partners has likely been a management challenge in and of itself. 


By CSG Staff

Since passage of the CARES Act, our team has been reviewing the Paycheck Protection Program’s (PPP) implications for companies with employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). The PPP should provide significant support to middle market businesses in the form of low interest loans (1%) that are potentially forgivable.


By CSG Staff

One aspect of the CARES Act of 2020 that's especially relevant to ESOP companies is the relaxation of the SBA's Emergency Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program requirements.

In a Crisis, Communication is Key

By Nathan Perkins

During the 2007-08 financial crisis, I was a financial advisor to families and business owners. As you’d expect, the period was marked by uncertainty as established financial institutions were failing or on the brink of disaster.

When Deals Face Market Volatility

By Steve Berman

M&A, dividend recapitalization, and employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) transactions currently in process will likely be impacted by the highly volatile market conditions created by the COVID-19 outbreak.