M&A is not Always the Answer

Help your clients attain liquidity and legacy goals with an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

You Know the Risks


Middle market sales, mergers, and private equity transactions have low close rates, and the capital gains tax burden is generally high. And while business owners want liquidity, some can’t stomach the thought of parting with their businesses.

ESOP – A Liquidity Alternative


Employee stock ownership plans offer privately-held companies and family businesses a tax-efficient, liquidity opportunity. A company’s stock is sold to an employee trust at a fair market valuation. The transaction is funded through commercial and/or seller financing (often without personal guarantees) and paid-off with pre-tax corporate cash flow. This frees owners’ capital and carries a host of other advantages.

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Tax Incentives

Selling shareholders can defer capital gains taxes on the proceeds, while their companies can deduct the sale value to reduce taxable income and potentially eliminate income taxes altogether.

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Post-transaction, a company’s board continues operating the business, while selling shareholders often maintain meaningful roles.

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Workforce Benefits

Employees gain a unique retirement benefit in the form of stock allocations.

We Can Help


Leading attorneys trust CSG Partners to analyze, structure, finance, and close complex ESOP transactions for their clients. Our focus on education, and our commitment to honoring advisor-client relationships, has led to hundreds of completed transactions, and numerous industry awards. We're here to answer your most challenging employee ownership questions.

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